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PayPod is a delightful payment app for shopping and selling on your favourite marketplaces.

Discover a better way to Pay and Get Paid.

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PayPod marketplace payments technology

Payments Re-defined

SAFE & EFFICIENT payments to ensure everyone has an AMAZING time buying and selling on their favorite marketplaces.
PayPod Payments Escrow

SMART Escrow

This is the heart of our technology. A buyer's payment never goes directly to the seller; Payment is released only after a transaction is marked complete by both the buyer and seller.

PayPod Payments Security

PRIVATE Payments

Payments are processed by PayPod; this means buyers and sellers don't have to exchange any personal or banking information with each other. We are your personal firewall.

PayPod Payments Credit Card

MULTIPLE Payment Options

No cash needed. With PayPod users get multiple options to pay(and get paid) for their purchases using VISA, Mastercard, ACH, Interac(Canada Only), Paypal and more.

PayPod Payments Dispute Resolution

DISPUTE Resolution

PayPod protects buyers and sellers equally; our goal is always to ensure there is zero fraud, and to act on what is fair based on the evidence provided by the engaging parties.

PayPod Payments Fast and Easy

FAST & Easy

From downloading the app to creating your first payment "Pod" for your product, it takes less than 3 minutes. PayPod is built to power and grow the circular economy.

PayPod Payments Support

UNBEATABLE 24/7 Support

Support that is truly available. At PayPod our mission is to make marketplace payments safe, efficient and reliable; we can't achieve this without solving your problems.

How It Works

Get started in less than 3 minutes.
PayPod Payments Account

DOWNLOAD & Register

Download the PayPod app from the app store for your phone and sign-up using your name, email address and phone number. Remember, none of this information is shared with any other user on PayPod. Only your unique username is used for transactions.

PayPod Payments Create Pod

CREATE or Pay a Pod

For Sellers: Enter price of your item and description to create your pod. Share this link on your listing to get paid.

For Buyers: Click on the Pod link provided by the seller and pay using your preferred option.

PayPod Payments Get Paid

GET or Release Funds

Once the handover of goods, or the requested service is complete, the seller requests the release of funds. Once the buyer approves the request, funds are credited to the seller instantly. Note: No reponse from the buyer for 24 hours = automatic release of funds.

Common Questions

Have a question or two about Paypod? We would love to hear from you. A few common questions are addressed here. Feel free to browse and if you still have questions, by all means reach out to us!

  • Making Marketplaces Efficient
  • Eliminating Marketplace Fraud
  • Protecting Buyers and Sellers
  • Safeguarding Private Data

All major marketplaces in North America are supported. Our technology is marketplace agnostic - we just take care of the payment processing for you.

Multiple, convinient ways to pay such as VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Interac. 100% protection of your funds; Buyers don't pay the sellers directly, the funds come to us. Funds are only released to the seller after the buyer has recieved the item, or the service. This ensure there is no fraud (seller MIA, fraudalent listing, scams).

1. Filter out tirekickers and fraudsters - Asking potential buyers to fund the pod for your listing ensures the funds are "good" and the buyer is serious.
2. Protect your privacy - sellers don't have to share any personal or banking information with the buyers.
3. Sell more items! - By offering convinient payment options like credit cards, you make your listing more accesible to buyers who don't prefer cash transactions.

PayPod currently supports VISA, Mastercard,Debit Cards, ACH, Interac and Wire Transfers.

PayPod is currently available in Canada and the U.S.

Discover World-Class Payments

Behind PayPod is a team of dedicated engineers, fintech professionals and most importantly, people who love to buy and sell on various marketplaces!

Circular economy is better for the planet - by enabling reusage of goods and not letting them go straight to the landfills, we create less waste.